BioPartner UK is an independent, accredited trade organisation, promoting international partnering for trade, investment and collaborations with UK Life Science companies. BioPartner delegations promote the UK presence at major international biopharma conferences, and companies are assisted with access to government grants and heavily discounted entry fees. Through the BioPartnership Programme, members receive extra benefits and support to effectively trade overseas.

The Cancer Epigenetics Society is the first and largest society solely dedicated to cancer epigenetics. The Cancer Epigenetics Society promotes cancer epigenetics research and supports cancer patients worldwide by working on several fronts: the society publishes research articles on the basic, translational, preclinical, and clinical aspects of cancer epigenetics, provides scientists with several cancer epigenetics databases, produces scientific and educational videos, reports daily news that can help better manage or even prevent cancer, and provides access to cancer patient blogs, books, and advocacy and support groups. The Cancer Epigenetics Society is the official publisher of the journals Cancer Epigenetics and Clinical Cancer Epigenetics and awards annual prizes to the best research published in its journals from Society members. The society welcomes applications for membership (currently free) all year round.

The Epigenetics Society is an international scientific society open to all those interested in the epigenetics of any organism and all aspects of epigenetics, including: > DNA methylation > DNA hydroxymethylation > Chromatin modification > Chromatin higher-order-structure and remodeling > Non-coding RNA related to chromatin structure or DNA modification

At EpigenomicsNet, we provide a communal space where industry and academic professionals can come together to discuss the latest research and developments, share thoughts and opinions, and build valuable international relationships. Ultimately, we hope this dynamic network will provide a catalyst to accelerate progress and encourage collaboration in this ever-changing field. By joining the network and sharing your news and knowledge, you will be contributing towards the development of this exciting field. But, at a more personal level, this network also gives you the opportunity to connect with your peers and help gain knowledge and connections that may be useful to your work, whether it is research or regulation.

The UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network develops multidisciplinary partnerships between academics, clinicians, industry partners and regulators with patients, to promote the use of stratified medicine in the clinic. Through the Network groups of experts from academia, the healthcare sector, regulatory organisations and patient groups have the opportunity to collaborate to analyse patient samples, and interpret their data to stratify patients into the subcategory of their disease, then identify novel drug target sites and develop the much needed new drugs and diagnostics to make stratified medicine a reality in the clinic.

The aim of the Australian Epigenetics Alliance is to unite and facilitate communication among all Australasian research groups interested in epigenetics-based questions. We encourage our members to share expertise and ideas, and to raise public awareness of the importance of epigenetics and its impact on human health and disease, agriculture and the environment.