Current Case studies/ Discussions: Epigenetics

Our understanding of epigenetic mechanisms and our appreciation of their impact on all biological processes have rapidly expanded in the past decade. Epigenetic mechanisms encode information that adds functional layers to the genetic content of the genome, affecting gene expression during developmental programs as well as contributing to disease states in adult organisms. Heritable epigenetic encoding can occur in response to environmental changes, creating phenotypic variation with wide ranges of stability.

  • RNA-dependent modes of epigenetic regulation
  • New epigenetic phenomena
  • Epigenetic control of development and dosage
  • Epigenetic control of genome integrity
  • Epigenetics and nuclear organization
  • Dynamics of epigenetic states
  • Inheritance of epigenetic states
  • Targeted epigenetic modification
  • Epigenetics and disease
  • Cardiovascular Epigenetics
  • Cardiovascular Epigenetics
  • Epigenetics and ethics

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